What I love about this one: the smooth jazzyness over the joyful bass rhythm; the catchy brass signature; the ever-changing movements – like secret doors opening up to unexpected passages and grooves.

5 Replies to “Numba!”

  1. This blog post is absolutely fantastic! You’ve captured the essence of the music and its various elements so well. I particularly enjoyed reading about the smooth jazzyness and the different movements within each piece. I’m left wondering, which song do you think embodies these elements the most and why? Looking forward to your response!


    1. That is a tricky question – I’m not sure if any song can embody those elements ‘the most’. I definitely enjoy music that draws from jazz and songs that avoid long stretches of repitition. In addition (I wonder if you find this?) my ear seems to change from day to day – a piece can engage me on a different level – sound and feel different on different days. So, ‘the most’…I’m not sure. What’s your tune of the moment?

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      1. Thanks for your reply. I’ve just been visiting our 2-year-old granddaughter so the ear worm I have is Hop little bunny. I’m trying to recover from that but alcoholic therapy may be required.

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      2. It’s a mega-hit with the kiddywinks – nothing like a song that encourages jumping around. Gotta say I find the line, “Are they ill?” a little disturbing 🤭 Wishing you a quaffing recovery.

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