Image: Douglas and Kate
(As Flight Lieutenant Douglas Miller opposite Joanne Gale (Kate Hedges) in ‘Lancaster Skies’)

I’m an international actor living and working in London. You may have seen me in the Second World War drama ‘Lancaster Skies’ on Amazon Prime or perhaps on horseback shouting “Nutty!” in that Kellogg’s commercial – not quite ‘The Lord of the Rings’, but in royal robes with courtiers in tow, it was rather epic.

Image: Jeffrey Mundell as Henry VIII
(As Henry VIII for Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut)

I found my chance to perform the Dane’s unmistakably epic soliloquies in the one-person play ‘Hamlet our brother’ – 90 minutes alone on stage, bringing a host of Shakespeare’s characters to life, no interval or exits, and “Jeffrey Mundell rises splendidly to the challenge” (bless you Reviews Gate).

(In ‘Hamlet our brother’ dir. Timothy Stubbs Hughes)

An altogether different challenge found me playing the fictional character, Mike Harris, in the real world of ‘HORN’ the award winning documentary about rhino poaching in South Africa. To create authenticity in this ‘lived’ documentary, participants were not told I was an actor playing a part; and as we were living together, I had to remain in character (on and off camera) for days at a time! Staying ‘undercover’ as I lived and trained with ground-patrol units, tracking rhinos on foot in the Waterberg bush-veld, was an unmissable adventure and a humbling exposure to these deeply endangered creatures and the people whose lives intertwine with theirs.

(As Mike Harris in ‘HORN’ with real life rhino monitors Abel Nkuna, Kleinboy Segabetla and Samuel Molekoa)

My adventures in acting have led down some surprising paths – playing the iconic sci-fi replicant, Roy Batty, in Secret Cinema’s immersive ‘Blade Runner’ is certainly one of those – entertaining around 800 revellers each night, mimicking Rutger Hauer’s mercurial delivery (a mouth-boggling mix of American, Dutch and Ridley Scott) while fending off the occasional inebriated tackle…yes, “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe”. I’ve done feature films, Shakespeare, documentaries, fringe, touring and repertory theatre, immersive theatre, physical theatre, clowning, mime, puppetry, panto, commercials, infomercials, web-series, music videos; I’ve been a supporting artist, stand-in, ensemble, featured artist, hero, lead and everything in between. I’m blessed with a treasure of memories and thankful for everything and everyone I encounter along the way – including you reading this right now.

Image: Jeffrey Mundell as Roy Batty by Dennis Grasse
(As the iconic replecant, Roy Batty pic. Dennis Grasse)

When I’m not working at my craft, I love spending time with family and friends, taking photographs with my vintage lenses, cycling down winding lanes, hiking in the countryside or strolling along a wild stretch of coastline.

(One of my favourite environments)

What’s next? I recently completed filming the role of Intelligence Officer in Tin Hat Production’s next feature film, Battle Over Britain as well as a little something-something for Channel 5 that should be out in the United Kingdom later this year. Otherwise, find more about my work, news, thoughts and inspirations on my blog page. And, as always, I’ll be looking forward to entertaining all of you!