You Casting?

Download my CV or view my Spotlight profile for headshots, voice clips and video reels – individual scenes can be shared from my showreel page.

I’m particularly interested in film and television roles and excel in the following three areas:

1. Troubled outsiders

I love playing troubled outsiders who don’t know when to quit.

These characters are aloof, sensitive and usually in conflict with their world.  They’re often highly capable, resilient and very useful if they’re on your side.  However, they can be unpredictable, obsessive and potentially dangerous.

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2. South Africans

Having grown up and lived in South Africa, I’m well-suited to play South African characters.  Most notable is my accurate delivery of the South African English and Afrikaans accents.

3. Physical performance

A solid foundation in physical theatre means I’m able to tackle roles that demand heightened physicality and characterisation.  My height (6’5″) also brings an element of scale and substantial presence to a role.

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