Lancaster Skies

Production Co. Tin Hat Productions
Director. Callum Burn
DOP. Sam Parsons

Douglas (Jeffrey Mundell) a broken, solitary, Spitfire Ace must overcome his past to lead a Lancaster bomber crew in the pivotal aerial war over Berlin in 1943.

Secret Cinema Presents Blade Runner – The Final Cut

Production Co. Secret Cinema
Director. Tom Maller, Lucy Ridley
Venue. London

Jeffrey Mundell plays replicant Roy Batty, originally played by Rutger Hauer in Ridley Scott’s iconic 1982 film.  Secret Cinema is a live immersive experience fusing film, music, art, theatre and dance, creating unique spaces for social encounters, adventures and discoveries.


Production Co. Cinema Humain
Director. Reina-Marie Loader
DOP. David Cawley

Award winning ‘lived’ documentary that creatively investigates the issue of rhino poaching by focusing on specific anti-poaching units in South Africa’s Waterberg region.

Hamlet our brother

Production Co. 20 South Street
Director. Tim Stubbs Hughes
Venue. Jack Studio Theatre

A one-man re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Hamlet by Julia Stubbs Hughes.
Mundell’s intense, physical performance is fantastic” – Laura Kresslly

DGT Retiro

Production Co. Sopa de Toro
Director. Alex Rodriguez
DOP. Angel Iguacel

Infomercial for the Spanish Department of Transport inspired by Antonio Mercero’s La Cabina.


Production Co. Argyle Crown
Director. Jeffrey Mundell

A short film staring, written and directed by Jeffrey Mundell: Dinner for two.  Deception for one


Production Co. Tin Hat Productions
Director. Callum Burn
DOP. Sam Parsons

Fusilier tells the lesser known story of the rear guard action of Dunkirk in 1940. Against almost impossible odds five soldiers must defend an area of strategic importance several miles inland of Dunkirk.

Crunchy Nut – Henry VIII

Production Co. Rattling Stick
Director. Daniel Kleinman
DOP. Franz Lustig

Camo & Krooked – Breezeblock

Production Co. Halcyon
Director. Jack Pirie & Alex Hylands-White
DOP. Jaime Feliu-Torres

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