Originally from South Africa, Jeffrey Mundell graduated from Rhodes University achieving a BA Honours degree with distinction in Drama and Rhodes Academic Honours.

Film credits include:

Our Shining Sword (Tin Hat Productions), Birdwatcher (Argyle Crown), The Desert (Initiative Motion Pictures), Horn (Cinema Humain), The Syndicate (Syster Productions), Survivors (Organised Chaos), Fusilier (Tin Hat Productions)

Theatre credits include:

Hamlet our brother (dir. Tim Stubbs Hughes, Jack Studio Theatre), Summer (dir. Tim Stubbs Hughes, Jack Studio Theatre), The Colorado Session (dir. Sophie Austin, Tour), Touch (dir. Rikki Beadle Blair, Tristan Bates Theatre), Bloodstream (dir. Andrew Buckland, Tour), Blood Will Have Blood (dir. Ingrid Wylde, Tour)

CV & Headshot: