A Dream of a Thousand Cats

Chuffed to finally share my part in The Sandman on Netflix: A Dream of a Thousand Cats (adapted from Neil Gaiman’s original DC comic book series). I got to work with terrific director, Hisko Hulsing, in his unique style that mixes live action and animation (more on Hisko’s process at Cartoon Brew – you may recognise his visually striking films from other work like Undone on Amazon Prime).

In A Dream of a Thousand Cats I play the physical part of Don (voiced by David Tennant), husband to Laura Lynn and owner of the Tabby Kitten. I was pleasantly surprised to find I was ‘married’ to a familiar face, having previously worked with the magic Louise Williams (Laura Lynn) in Secret Cinemas: Blade Runner back in 2018.

With Louise Williams on the set of The Sandman: A Dream of a Thousand Cats at Shepperton Studios, July 2021.

I think it was mostly my looong legs that got me the part, though having a background in physical theatre and mime does come in handy when working imaginatively on a chroma-key set with only a few bits of bright blue or green furniture and a whole lot of tape marking out where there might be a wall, door or a little cat sleeping…and dreaming.

I must give a shout out to Lucinda Syson Casting for inviting me to audition, my team at WBM for hooking me up with this part, and my self-tape muse, Jo Gale who gave an excellent read on my audition tape (as always!)

Onwards and upwards.