Ethan and my South African English accent

Here I’m playing a doctor in a corporate piece for South Africa – sporting a burly beard and doing my native South African English accent.  The man on the phone at the beginning is doing an Afrikaans accent – the one stereotypically associated with the country.

Go behind-the-scenes on the Barksy website.

Spotlight giveth, and Spotlight taketh away…a lot!

If you’re an actor in the UK, you are a member of Spotlight – “the home of casting”. Sorry Hamlet, ‘not to be’ is not really an option at the moment.

Read Jason Broderick’s article (link below) about this god of UK casting; how it rules the Kingdom and why it’s just not very fair.

He has an interesting solution. Could you come up with something better?

“It’s strictly pleasure”

I keep coming back to Sareesh Sudhakaran’s cinematography channel, wolfcrow, on YouTube.

I’m finding this video about his experience and advice on low-budget filmmaking very inspiring.  My takeaway: Use what you have, show what you know, have fun.

Time to revisit a couple of scripts I’ve tucked away.