My Octopus Teacher

Chuffed to see this South African documentary making an international splash.

‘I think what’s powerful about the film is the fact that there’s this big South African guy who is telling a deeply intimate story about an animal that is essentially a modified snail. He takes us into this fragile creature’s world and she transforms from an underwater alien into a protagonist that we can really relate to and care about. At a minimum, I think that viewers will make an emotional connection with her, but I really hope that the bigger message that comes through will be an exploration of our own identity and fragility as part of the living planet.’

Pippa Ehrlich, dir. “My Octopus Teacher”

Actors note: Craig Foster (chap in the water) has a native South African accent (of which there are many).

Ethan and my South African English accent

Here I’m playing a doctor in a corporate piece for South Africa – sporting a burly beard and doing my native South African English accent.  The man on the phone at the beginning is doing an Afrikaans accent – the one stereotypically associated with the country.

Go behind-the-scenes on the Barksy website.

Nervous Flyer?

image: warning

Sunny South African holiday over.  Now back to business…and UK winter.  Watching Mission Impossible: Fallout in turbulence – Cineworld 4DX eat your heart out.